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Celebrating Arbor Day With The Kindergarten Classes

During this year's Arbor Day visit with the kindergarten classes from Challenger,  Goodridge, St. John's, and St. Bernard's Schools we asked them, "Why are trees so important?"  Some of the answers we received included:  Trees give us air and food, birds can live in them, we build houses from them, you can climb them, they protect us from the wind.  Super great answers!


You should have seen the excitement on the student's faces when we told them we were going to give each of them a Black Hills spruce tree to take home for their very own.  We talked about how to plant the tree, how important it is to water it, and went over some of the different ways to protect it from deer and that hungry predator we call a lawnmower (HA-HA).  

Thank you students and teachers for a super fun day!


(The trees are funded in memory of Dorothy Hanson, a former kindergarten teacher at Northrup School in TRF.)

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