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MN Ag Water Quality Certification Program (MAWQCP)


The Minnesota Agricultural Water Quality Certification Program (MAWQCP) is a voluntary opportunity for farmers and agricultural landowners to show they lead in implementing conservation practices that protect our water.

Through this program, certified producers receive:

  • Regulatory Certainty:  Certified producers are deemed to be following any new water quality rules or laws during their 10-year certification.

  • Recognition:  Certified producers may use their status to promote their business as protective of water quality.

  • Priority for Technical Assistance:  Producers seeking certification can obtain specially designated technical and financial assistance to implement practices that promote water quality such as EQIP funding through the Regional Conservation Partnership Program and grants from the MN Dept of Ag to help implement eligible conservation practices.


Twelve Pennington producers* have been certified in MAWQCP.  Statewide 820 farmers have certified their farms totaling more than 558,000 acres. 


AS OF 2020*

The Minnesota Agricultural Water Quality Certification Program (MAWQCP) launched three new endorsements in addition to the 10-year certification a farmer or landowner receives in the program.

The MAWQCP endorsements available to water quality certified producers are for soil health, integrated pest management, and wildlife.

The MAWQCP partnered with various non-profit organizations, such as Pheasants Forever and the Minnesota Soil Health Coalition, and state agencies to develop the endorsements.

 “The MAWQCP and wildlife endorsement recognizes our great Minnesota farmers and their passion for farming for the future and dedication to conservation" said Tanner Bruse, Ag and Conservation Programs Manager for Pheasants Forever. “Habitat goes beyond wildlife with positive impacts towards water quality, soil health, and carbon sequestration.”

“The Minnesota Soil Health Coalition appreciates the dedication of the MAWQCP, helping producers identify and implement practices to improve their operations and resource concerns and value the soil health endorsement as another avenue to engage and improve soil health across Minnesota” said Brian Pfarr, Minnesota Soil Health Coalition Board Chairman.

Certified producers who achieve an endorsement will receive an additional sign for their farm and recognition for their conservation excellence.

For more information, contact the Pennington SWCD at 218-683-7075; or Glen Kajewski, Area Certification Specialist, at 218 689-1502; or visit

Pennington County MAWQCP Certified Producers:

  • Darrin Arveson 

  • Doug Martell

  • Grant Nelson

  • Jack Miller

  • Jeremiah Hasnedl

  • Joel Stolaas

  • Joey Rubischko

  • Myron Iverson

  • Randy Mostrom

  • Ron Stucy

  • Tom Wold

  • Michael Hanson

Recently Certified

Joel Stolaas

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