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Twice a year, in April and August, Pennington SWCD holds a Well Water Testing Clinic where homeowners can have their water tested at a reduced cost.  This year, forty-seven homeowners participated in the program.  Well water samples were tested for: 

  • Nitrates

  • E. Coli 

  • Total Coliform Bacteria  


During the clinic, the Pennington SWCD pays over 50% of the testing cost with homeowners paying only $15.00.    

Well water testing kits are available at the SWCD office throughout the entire year with testing costs starting at $25.  The sample will be sent to a certified lab via a courier service.  Stop by the SWCD office for a test kit today.  

For more information, click on the picture below or call the SWCD office at 218-683-7075.

Drinking Water Standards

Well Clinic May 2024
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